Victoria’s Secret

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August 24, 2016 at 10:30 AM

When did you start using filters on your photos? Was it when you played around on Photoshop? Got an Instagram or Snapchat? No matter how you figured out about filters, it’s clear that in our selfie zeitgeist that we’re pretty reliant on them. Model Lily Aldridge spoke out about how our society relies on filters. […]

Victoria’s Secret, Martha Hunt is gorgeous just the way she is. She definitely doesn’t need a super-elongated arm that will jut out from Stella Maxwell’s shoulder. I mean, if that’s the way her body was originally, sure, but we have a feeling the photo below is a *teeny* bit altered. Critics are saying that Hunt’s […]

We’ve complained over and over again about the heavy photoshop jobs that a lot of brands continue to use. It’s one of the reasons why we were so pressed to do our own un-retouched editorial, because women need to see fashion and women in a real way. Fashion and reality can coexist without making women look […]

It’s helpful, not hurtful.

It’s kind of past the point of ridiculous.

The most alarming price difference was at Malia Mills, where a bikini top in a size D was $68 more than the same top in a A, B, and C cup.

Repeat offender Victoria’s Secret is back to being exclusive and only throwing pink sequined love to one specific, slim body type.

Wearing all black everything is the best tack when you’re staring into someone’s soul.