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Lyanna Lynette, the face of Torrid recently shared her story with Elle, on loving her body and finding encouragement despite setbacks in the modeling world. She shared some really inspiring thoughts about never wanting to be a certain number on a scale, but always keeping in mind her happiness, and searching for what we like to call […]

July 25, 2016 at 6:00 PM

What do you get when you combine a host of beautiful and diverse curve models, and throw in stars like Orange is the New Black’s Adrienne C. Moore, Philomela Kwao, and Georgina Burke? A really bomb Torrid denim ad. Eleven women in total, all show off new styles available at Torrid, and basically killing the […]

Today, Sanrio announced that it has teamed up with Torrid on a limited edition Hello Kitty capsule collection–and it’s the first ever Hello Kitty collection to be available in extended sizes. Each piece has a hint of Hello Kitty love on it, whether it has the print all over, or in the smaller details, the […]

“There’s all shapes and sizes when you’re “plus-size” as society likes to say.”