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August 24, 2016 at 10:30 AM

When did you start using filters on your photos? Was it when you played around on Photoshop? Got an Instagram or Snapchat? No matter how you figured out about filters, it’s clear that in our selfie zeitgeist that we’re pretty reliant on them. Model Lily Aldridge spoke out about how our society relies on filters. […]

We’ve been carefully covering Leslie Jones news, not only because she is awesome and hilarious, but also because she is a successful woman of color who has to unfortunately deal with the casualties of not being a cookie cutter actress. From being turned downed by designers not willing to dress her, to stylists saying it’s […]

These images are changed to fit some seriously un-human and unrealistic ideals that we view over and over.

We’ve been there done that with a woman publicly sharing her eating habits and jean size on social media.