Serena Williams

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Cue the tears, Nike’s new ad has us grabbing our own crowns and saluting Queen Serena. Nike works with a lot of athletes, but to consider Serena the greatest of all time? Wow. The ad from agency Wieden + Kennedy simply takes you through a shortened timeline of Serena’s exciting, yet tumultuous career. The music, […]

Have you noticed our obsession with Serena Williams? I mean she is a 22 Grand Slamp Champion and we’ve talked about her impeccable selfies showing off her body, her constant desire to take out body shaming for women in sports and plenty more. But in her recent Self Magazine cover, we got to know the queen of sports a […]

It’s no secret that women in sports are pressured to feel a certain way about their femininity and strength. We saw it in the ESPN Body Issue with talented Olympic athletes, admitting that they had to tune people out that tried to diminish their talent to only what they thought a woman could do, or […]

Serena Williams is a boss—and she’s a boss that continues to get body shamed for various reasons. Typically, she gets the b.s. because she’s the best tennis player in the world, unapologetically black, curvy and takes crap from no one. These are all reasons we admire her, but lately, I’ve realized a particular uptick in people/trolls […]

It’s a pretty BFD to see a woman harnessing her sexuality like a boss instead of smiling like a daft bird.