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Start the new year with a female friendly Instagram feed. Support your local girl gang, find a community and surround yourself with the girl bosses, feminist, creative and lady loving women who are breaking the status quo by making all of us feel beautiful, powerful, sexy and in control.  Update and curate that IG feed and add these. Here […]

September 23, 2016 at 1:00 PM

In terms of body posi IG pages, unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you follow our girls @IAmIskra, @NourishAndEat, @ItsRachaelForster, @TheAshleyGraham, @CrystalRenn, etc. Surrounding yourself with body love can be a great way to take back the power that “thinspiration” pages and body bullies have attempted to take away. Here are just a […]

Fall is near, and it seems everyone excited about the change of season. Halloween is coming, pumpkin everything is coming, and “sweater season” is coming. Every summer we hear jokes about longing for the autumn/winter “sweater season,” as if it is the long-awaited antithesis to the dreaded “bikini season.” But why can’t we embrace fashion, […]

In a night full of glitz and glamour (Rihanna’s amazing purple lip, anyone?), one beautiful lady decided to go completely makeup-free. Alicia Keys set a different standard on Sunday evening, and we are here for it 100%. We ready… #VMAs A photo posted by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on Aug 28, 2016 at 5:35pm PDT Alicia […]

“Hi! How are you? It’s been too long. You look like you’ve lost weight.” Stop. Right. There. Has anyone ever told you that it looks like you’ve lost weight? I understand there’s small talk about the weather, you ask people about their family or work, but people need to stop telling others that it looks like […]