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If you haven’t seen the video that’s going viral yet, a 19 year old was raped at a house party and was asked by a judge, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” Upon hearing this, I became instantly sick. I’m not even usually a crier, but I cried because this is a signal […]

I’m not the biggest Lena or Amy fan, but their recent interview seemed to take their Millennial-esque self-obsession from bad to worse. Since when do we not have to answer for the people with whom we associate and WHEN was it is okay to allow rape jokes just because you’re okay with it?! Sure, these ladies […]

Trigger warning: this post contains language about rape, sexual assault, and may not be recommended for certain readers. The beautiful and constantly entertaining Gabrielle Union opened up about her own rape this morning in the LA Times to discuss a culture of consent that is non-existent in America. This essay is so perfectly timed as […]