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Nike’s ads have been really good lately. First Paloma Elesser showing off their new curve bra, our girl Claire Fountain was looking amazing, and now they are using Sister Madonna Buder, a veteran of 45 Ironman competitions to show that age has no limit on fitness. I mean this lady is possibly the coolest nun […]

Just a few days ago we were raving about Nike’s first ad in India that featured a group of strong and empowering women from different sports. And now Nike has done another thing to make us love them even more: using Paloma Elsesser, to model their new sports bras. It’s a powerful move for Nike […]

With the Olympics approaching soon, there’s been so much talk about women and fitness, wellness, and sports over all. And while there is still a long way to go as far as treating women and men’s sports equally, seeing women from all different sports and from all across the world in India’s first Nike ad […]