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Award shows are pretty much a snooze these days to me because it’s so predictable who the winners are going to be, and usually it really just depends on the year to get a really good mix of celebrities and movies and television shows represented. Luckily, this year’s Emmys happened to be one of the […]

Just when I thought the trolls were just annoying internet people in the background, they went and did something completely unforgiveable today and hacked into Leslie Jones website and leaked nude photos. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of rage that rises up in me when I think about how ignorant people in […]

We’ve been carefully covering Leslie Jones news, not only because she is awesome and hilarious, but also because she is a successful woman of color who has to unfortunately deal with the casualties of not being a cookie cutter actress. From being turned downed by designers not willing to dress her, to stylists saying it’s […]

We’d like to think that sometimes haters are just going to hate, but there is definitely a line that needs to be drawn when it comes to shaming women online. As if Leslie Jones hasn’t had to endure enough with stylists telling her it’s her fault for not fitting into a sample size, and the […]

Shame on you fashion designers.