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Lucky for us, there have been a few non-retouched advertisements and editorials in the past year to remind people, but especially women that your body can be glorified and beautiful enough to be on a billboard just as it is, without re-touching or faking abs or an arm, or smudging in a thigh gap. And […]

Last week, we reported on Lena Dunham calling out Tentaciones Magazine for slimming her thighs and retouching her image for the cover. Naturally, the cover got a lot of praise for making Dunham look completely different than she does in real life and Twitter went crazy. This all further begged the question of why female […]

Last night, Lena Dunham shared an image of her Tentaciones magazine cover on Instagram that looked very strange at first glance.  Was it her pose? No. Was it her makeup? Not really. Oh wait. It was the fact that they made her a lot smaller than she really is! Terrible and completely obvious Photoshop job. […]

Never stop awkward dancing, Lena.

Now we just need to learn how to sew.

Lena Dunham, relatable Brooklynite and mostly reasonable voice of our generation, shutting down fashion ‘guidelines’ one turtleneck at a time.