Kim Kardashian

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September 14, 2016 at 12:50 PM

You could love them. You could hate them. You can judge the throwback home movie made by Kim or roll your eyes at model mogul on every billboard. You can want to lose your mind if you hear the words “Kylie Lipkit” again. You can even think Khloe’s signature catch phrases are filth, but I’m […]

We live in a beautiful time where many celebrities are speaking out about body positivity and body image, and fighting back against the narrow traditional ideal of beauty in the media. However, we are also living in a time of many impostors, those being the celebrities who cry “body love” one day and then completely […]

August 17, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Black men everywhere are having a hissy fit because of the commentary from Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham. Funny thing is, quite a few of them have been doing the same thing to black women for, I dunno, years. Abraham has been on a Kardashian take-down rampage, and recently quipped, “I’m not really into black […]

We want to be up front here: there are far more important things that are happening right now than whether or not Taylor Swift knew about Kanye’s lyrics. My personal view on that (speaking solely as a human being) – Kanye has a song called, “That’s My Bitch”; are you really surprised that he called […]

It’s easy to love Fergie. The girl-power member of The Black Eyed Peas has been holding it down for ladies since the early 2000s, but her new video was kind of a bummer. Fergie and her team gave the term milf a new meaning by turning the acronym into Moms I’d Like to Follow, but […]

Let me be clear, I have loved Kanye’s music for a long time. Hip-hop gets a bad rap for being disrespectful to women when a lot of other genres just do it over guitars. I do not subscribe to rap being bad for the planet, but I am beyond frustrated with Kanye and his apathy […]

After posting a nude selfie, there has been many haters, and supporters. However Kardashian seems to have had the last laugh.

Why throw shade in the way that Lorde never intended to when she said “mom”?

It would probably be impossible to hold a grudge with such a dope studded jacket and bodycon suit.

There was strong evidence that she is just still doing a duck face in 2016.

We get it, Kim needs to lose her pregnancy weight ASAP before she can leave the house or be a guest star on some mindless, boozey talk show.

Some people calling out the friends Kim asks to deliver her urine samples.

Kris told Maria Shriver that she’s been less than impressed with some of the stuff her daughters have posed for.

Happy New Year, y’all.

Kimojis are spicing up body diversity in the emojiscape.

Is there a better way to spread cheer than by handing someone a card with Kim cradling Kanye in the manger?

This narrative is destructive.

She is a master of the sincerest form of Kimye flattery.

She ingested her placenta and hasn’t looked back since.

North’s got a reputation to uphold, and she can’t be seen in something as basic as this.

A Saint is among us.

Let it be known that anything you might receive from Kim or mama Kris this holiday season was personally wrapped by the duo.

Not here for this.

Kim #blessed Instagram with a #tbt from her golden days when she and her squad dressed as the Spice Girls.

We are all Kim Kardashian today.

Surely the House of Balmain should recognize that they should spend some time dressing women other than Kim Kardashian.