Khloe Kardashian

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We live in a beautiful time where many celebrities are speaking out about body positivity and body image, and fighting back against the narrow traditional ideal of beauty in the media. However, we are also living in a time of many impostors, those being the celebrities who cry “body love” one day and then completely […]

We want to be up front here: there are far more important things that are happening right now than whether or not Taylor Swift knew about Kanye’s lyrics. My personal view on that (speaking solely as a human being) – Kanye has a song called, “That’s My Bitch”; are you really surprised that he called […]

The body revolution is here, apparently.

Here we are again singing the same old sad song.

We get it, Kim needs to lose her pregnancy weight ASAP before she can leave the house or be a guest star on some mindless, boozey talk show.

Khloe’s idea of an “off day” is when she has to run off camera mid-workout to throw up a bad batch of chicken fingers.

She’s apparently pushing the revenge body line on her brother Rob, whose weight is often a talking point for the tabloids and Kardashian shows

She could drop her drawers at a YMCA pool and look just as hot.