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Start the new year with a female friendly Instagram feed. Support your local girl gang, find a community and surround yourself with the girl bosses, feminist, creative and lady loving women who are breaking the status quo by making all of us feel beautiful, powerful, sexy and in control.  Update and curate that IG feed and add these. Here […]

As E! Online reported this summer, Amy Schumer recently spoke about how she was given a trainer in preparation for her role in Trainwreck. That trainer provided her with a diet plan that she was not too excited about. Though Amy lost a few pounds, it doesn’t seem she ever really wanted to. Amy has […]

September 23, 2016 at 6:48 AM

Sometimes, Taraji drops serious truth bombs. When she sat down with some of her fellow stars from the upcoming movie Hidden Figures, she let the world know exactly how she feels about catty women. Ever heard of crabs in a pot? When crabs know they’re going to die and one crab tries to get out, you’ll […]

Apparently people don’t think Gigi Hadid has a right to defend herself. According to Marie Claire, while in Milan for fashion week, Gigi was actually physically grabbed and picked up by a man who is believed to be Vitalii Sediuk, known prankster who preys on celebrities. The whole incident was caught on video. Gigi was […]

Even in elementary school, girls have no tolerance for boys’ inappropriate behavior! This week the Huffington Post shared an adorable list of rules that a 5th grade student wrote to her classmate after he apparently got too close for comfort. The girl entitled her list “Rules + Regulations” and addressed it to her classmate, Noah. […]

Lindy West is known for her body positive activism. She is a feminist, a writer, and an advocate for body acceptance. But due to recent comments, she has exposed that her body love standpoint may be pretty hypocritical. Last week, West took to twitter to criticize Christina Hoff Sommers, a well-known conservative feminist. West’s tweet […]

Honestly, this is one of the dumbest portions of an incredibly stupid election cycle thus far. People are questioning whether or not Hillary Clinton is fit to lead because she felt sick. Pardon me while I simultaneously pour a very hot cup of tea and a glass of wine to attempt to deal with the […]

We’re all totally inundated with stories about how to enhance or create our own versions of beauty, but sometimes we just need a reminder that real beauty comes from within. Enter Reshma Qureshi to give us a reality check. Qureshi’s brother was harassing his sisters and poured acid over Reshma’s face and her sister’s hands. Acid […]

Trigger warning: this post contains language about rape, sexual assault, and may not be recommended for certain readers. The beautiful and constantly entertaining Gabrielle Union opened up about her own rape this morning in the LA Times to discuss a culture of consent that is non-existent in America. This essay is so perfectly timed as […]

Cue the tears, Nike’s new ad has us grabbing our own crowns and saluting Queen Serena. Nike works with a lot of athletes, but to consider Serena the greatest of all time? Wow. The ad from agency Wieden + Kennedy simply takes you through a shortened timeline of Serena’s exciting, yet tumultuous career. The music, […]

Girl. If you aren’t on the Magic Michelle level, you’ve got a ways to go. Ellen Degeneres and crew killed this Magic Mike remake that is the perfect expression of hilarity in feminism. Women stripping is supposed to be for men, right? Nah. Not this time. Cue Ellen with Jenna Dewan Tatum, Chrissy Teigen, and […]

Unisex fragrances are growing in popularity, and we are pretty excited about it. The UK’s Independent reported today that, while Comme des Garcons and Calvin Klein spearheaded the unisex fragrance trend in the 1990s, it is only now, finally, that larger brands are following suit. Fragrances are typically defined as either women’s perfumes or men’s […]

We talk a lot about disparities in the empowerment of women on the Runway Riot, but recently, we’ve talked quite a bit about age. Despite older women often getting the short end of the stick in the US, Kim Cattrall totally defied the ageism BS in a pretty quiet way. Shout out to my mom for […]

Now we just need to learn how to sew.