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Defined as a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices; yoga is an excellent way to calm and clear your mind. Yoga can help you strengthen and tone your muscles, and can help keep your body loose and flexible. As a result, there is a “mind-body-spirit” connection that is often developed within this practice. Nowadays, […]

Let’s talk about makeup at the gym. Whether you’re wearing heavy makeup, light makeup or no makeup at all, here are some pros and cons.   MAKEUP AT THE GYM +Pro: Mascara/liner will define those eyes, and contouring will define your face shape -Con: Makeup can get into your eyes when you sweat +Pro: If your […]

Though I’m not sure what makes people believe that they have the right to comment on someone else’s body, it keeps happening over and over again. The only positive thing to really come out of body shaming is to see women stand up for themselves and share their stories publicly to encourage others. Michelle Kirk […]

My Pilates instructor is one of the healthiest and fittest people I know. She was swimming at her gym when an eight-year-old girl came over to her and said, “Oh, you’re not doing it right! I can teach you how to swim so that you can lose more weight!” We were stunned. This is what […]

Such an inspiration.

“I always remember how I felt after my last workout.”

Time to get low.

(It all depends on what I’m doing, and it’s a lot of guilty pleasures.)

“We have liftoff.”

I learnt that working out was for me, not to look like a supermodel.

But even with the app’s nudges, it didn’t make me feel guilty, it made me feel informed.