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For some reason, there are people who are surprised that actress Constance Wu doesn’t have an Asian boyfriend. Excuse me while I blink and stare into space for a moment. What?! I’m sorry, I understand Wu is an advocate for Asians, but that doesn’t mean she will or should only date Asian men. She’s not […]

Navigating the scene of dating apps has been very interesting when examining how women actually go about talking to people, the responses they get, and how it makes them feel about themselves. A while back we asked women how they felt about ‘Big Beautiful Women‘ dating apps, geared towards curvy users only, and now research […]

“We fight to be included in stores as equals, as women so I don’t understand the thinking of why we would need ‘special’ sites for dating.”

Rajah broke down the art of how to know when to persist by being a body language detector, the resistance that both men and women throw up, and the short window in which a girl wants sex.