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Are we obsessed with celebrities because they have what we want, and we normally want what we can’t have? Just think about it for a second. Why do you call someone your favorite actor? Why do you follow that one musician on all his social accounts? Besides pure talent, there’s something we like about being […]

When you’re really enjoying a book, sometimes you’re invested in one of the characters in which you feel the closest connection. I feel this connection often, but I realized that I never connected with literary characters as a child. I can’t get enough of NBC’s reflection of Claudia Kishi from “The Baby-Sitters Club” book series. […]

I was standing in line in a Chinese market when I heard two ladies behind me talking about me. By the way they were talking, they must’ve thought I couldn’t understand them. They were speaking to each other in Chinese, but I understood every word.  I turned around and smiled at them before I purchased my […]

I’m Chinese, but I’ve got naturally blond hair and blue eyes and fair skin, so I guess I don’t look like the typical Asian woman. But whether you know my ethnicity or not, here are some things you shouldn’t say, and alternative ways to ask someone more about their background.   Are your eyes real? […]