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Today, Instagram announced that it was releasing a zoom feature, allowing users to zoom in on photos. And while this is a cool feature that they probably should have had a long time ago, I was genuinely astonished at how many of my friends were in a panic over the zoom feature. And if you […]

August 31, 2016 at 12:00 PM

One of our favorite IGers put up a post that every one of us needs to read. There’s a diet that you should be on, and it’s totally organic. Seriously, having some feels this morning. What sort of people do you follow on your media accounts? Are the bodies sustainable of attainable? Do they make […]

August 31, 2016 at 9:15 AM

Beauty is the passion to which we dedicate our energy everyday to making our life happen. As a woman, living in today’s society seems to be a game show where you need to favor one over the other – only one box contains the jackpot. As if a woman, once she embraces her gender has […]

While the body standards here in the U.S. are crazy and extremely limiting to women, I often find that reading the stories of other women overseas makes me feel even more grateful because of the pressure that women have to deal with because of their misogynistic culture. Model Vivian Geeyang Kim is someone who continuously […]

Lucky for us, there have been a few non-retouched advertisements and editorials in the past year to remind people, but especially women that your body can be glorified and beautiful enough to be on a billboard just as it is, without re-touching or faking abs or an arm, or smudging in a thigh gap. And […]

With each day, it seems like there is a new body image trend to find on the internet in support women’s bodies. And while it can be a good thing, it can further separate women into more categories than we already are, and encourage one thing while downing another. We’ve seen it with the mermaid thighs trend, […]

Nothing better than a comeback story like Emma Winslade. In an interview with Mirror UK, Winslade shared her story of triumph despite body issues and shaming over the years. The 26-year-old model’s story is not for the lighthearted: she was constantly put down as a child, endured degrading comments about her weight, and was even called […]

August 15, 2016 at 1:30 PM

#FatSideStories went viral with people sharing their deepest, most private secrets about their struggles with body shaming and self-esteem. I admittedly don’t like the word “fat” but the stories that people have shared, are a reminder that the community of curve women is so much stronger when working together to build each other up. From sharing […]

August 15, 2016 at 12:15 PM

In a new interview with ESPN, Roz “The Diva” Mays was profiled as being one of the cutting-edge pole dance instructors and personal trainers in New York City. Of course the angle for the piece was that Roz is “an anomaly,” since she dances on poles in 6 in heels and teaches fitness at 230 […]

In the latest installment of Dove’s campaigns, they’ve taken on a serious issue: what young teen girls search on body image on the internet. The campaign titled ‘Searching’ is part of Dove’s Self-Esteem Project and aims to shed light on the issues that young girls face. In the video below, you see the distance between […]

August 14, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Social media is one of those really powerful things that has impacted the curve community; I won’t be bashing a tool that has united so many women. I do think with its increased popularity, there’s only so much people can take when comparing themselves to others and constantly being put under pressure to look perfect. […]

Fashion blogger and stylist Liz Black decided to take her love of fashion, and mock it’s outdated thinking toward sizing by posing with sample size to clothing, to show off just how tiny the samples on the runway are. In speaking with Yahoo Style Black of The You Do Do Magazine Spread she said, “I’ve […]

August 11, 2016 at 3:00 PM

We had some really interesting responses to our article on cornrows. Lots of people got it, but others disagreed. Some people responded with, “I’ll wear my hair however I want,” while others went with “Well, that wouldn’t have offended me,” to “Well, I’m unfollowing because this is ridiculous.” The most interesting was, “I thought this […]

In short, Bo Stanley is amazing. She’s a surfer, model, activist, and former Bachelor contestant. You know that’s a great IG bio. She makes overachievers feel like slackers and can warm up a room with her smile at the same time. Talent, girl. That’s what we call talent. So, we couldn’t help ourselves when given the opportunity […]

At The American Psychological Association’s 124th Annual Convention on Friday, researchers presented data resulting in the fact that women’s feelings about body image has improved, even by just a little. It should be noted that this data is based on research from 1981 to 2011, it looked at more than 100,000 men and women, and on […]

Actress Chrissy Metz is known for her role on American Horror Story, but this fall she is starring in NBC’s new hit show, This Is Us. And for the first time in a very long time, a curve woman will be on national television, not laughing or being made fun of for her weight, giving […]

Writer Heidi Anderson recently saw Taryn Brumfitt’s documentary Embrace. We’ve covered it a few times because we’re so excited to see it, and desperately want to see more women make films that aren’t censored about the female body. And since we haven’t been able to see the movie just yet, it was a special treat to read […]

With so many brands like Torrid, Ashley Graham’s Swimsuits for All, and Gabby Fresh’s line, it’s hard to remember a time when there weren’t options for curve women to buy swimwear. Buy body activist Virgie Tovars remembers times like those–when she first began writing her book, and spreading the gospel of inclusivity and extended sizes, there weren’t […]

Body Image Movement has done something very popular and quite eye-opening by asking one hundred people on the street to describe their bodies in one word. When I think about my body in one word, the first word that comes to mind is beautiful, but if I had to say more I feel like I […]

What if we lived in a world that created positive role models like Disney princesses for girls of all sizes instead of the negative affects it can often bring upon girls? I mean there’s already studies proving that Disney princesses aren’t the best role models for young girls because of their impossible standard of perfection. […]

Constance Hall, body positive activist, posted a selfie in the mirror. She rocked a bra and panties to show off her proud mombod and encouraged viewers to feel proud of their bodies after giving birth. Unfortunately, her photo was tagged as inappropriate and was taken down for violating Facebook and Instagram’s policies. While it’s a complicated […]

Finally! Magazines have found a way to do something right and that will help women instead of putting them down. Women’s Health Magazine has decided to forego the phrase “bikini body ready.” According to The Los Angeles Times, they are banning the “outdated” term from its cover. The phrase has continuously promoted that women should look […]

As I was looking at the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant, I realized a lot of the comments were on the surface saying positive things, but adding in a bit of a jab that they were tired of ‘all this body image talk.’ This only made me post more about, and we’re hoping you feel the same way and […]

We received a message from one of our followers, Krisi Kaz, who was pretty upset about a video where a small-minded feminist-hater named Nate decided to explain to the world why “fat acceptance,” is bad for society. To be fair, he thought he did a pretty great job. We hate to give him video views, […]

Body image and wellness is different for everyone. Sisters Mara Schiavocampo and Pia Schiavo-Campo are straight up goals in proving that wellness is an overall balance, and we could not be more impressed. It was so amazing being on @goodmorningamerica this morning with my sister @maracamp and also with @readytostare and @essiegolden. We talked body […]

Rarely do stars come out and talk about their body image issues. We can blame it on society’s obsession with perfection, or the unrealistic standards that women are expected to live up to, but it’s a rare occasion for a star to admit that they struggle when they look in the mirror. One of our […]

All around fabulous human being, Ashley Graham, is just not dealing with the nonsense. An image on her IG of her in a white two-piece outfit and a leather jacket somehow incited a SERIOUS freak out by some of her fans. Glam squad magic ???? A photo posted by A S H L E Y […]

There are a lot of wonderful women promoting body-positivity out there, and we’d totally be remiss if we didn’t mention Joby Bach in that group. She’s not here for the nonsense, and is all about accepting your body for what it looks like, just the way it is. “The driving force behind the body positivity […]

Often times, I wish that more celebrities were open with their struggles and shared the stories of their life more often so that the standards of perfection could be lowered in some kind of way. In reading Joy Bryant’s personal essay on Refinery 29, you definitely get a glimpse of what it’s like to struggle with […]

I remember last year starting to watch Pretty Little Liars for the first time, and immediately got hooked on the show. A couple weeks later after I binge watched every season, I went down the Instagram stalking usual of each actress, interested in what they do outside of Pretty Little Liars and what else they […]

Even if you’re not a Meghan Trainor super fan, chances are you’ve heard ‘All About That Bass’ on the radio at some point. Many call it a curvy-girl empowerment anthem, encouraging women to shake their butts and feel good while doing it. Now with her new album out, Meghan has continued to evolve as an […]

July 15, 2016 at 4:00 PM

We had an interesting response on one of our IG posts this morning. Someone understood why taking pictures of someone without consent was wrong, but saw no issue with body shaming. While we respect that people differ in opinion, we would be remiss if we did not address this idea. Dani Mathers took a photo of […]

Everyone knows that a lot of the body image issues that women face today stem from things that were introduced to them as a child. It could be from television and only seeing a certain type of woman on the screen, in magazines only seeing a certain type body, or on billboards only seeing a specific […]

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Sometimes, you meet people and you spend the rest of your first interaction wishing you had known them forever. That’s how it feels to meet Jessamyn Stanley. It will not matter if you meet her in person, over a Skype call, or in an email – she is the personification of warmth. This light and […]

There has been a marked increase in songs that are celebratory, but Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful” will be on repeat in the RunwayRiot office for months to come. She gave the exclusive to Cosmopolitan, but we are so moved by her work. She decided to feature a variety of individuals in the video […]