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Honestly, I felt really bad for everyone else that had to perform last night after the VMA’s. To have to perform the same night as Beyonce basically means that you know you’re going into the championship against someone you know is better than you and has a 99.99% chance of winning, but you still have […]

It was an interesting red carpet night.

Beyoncé’s SB10 Performance Labeled Hate Speech by Delusional Protestors

This ode to black beauty was a reason to pretend you knew the names of teams.

Prepare yourselves because she cometh.

Radar Online noted that she seemed oddly “protective of her tummy region” because her arms were crossed over her chest.

Everything you need to shine bright like Beyoncé.

So. Jealous.

Let’s check in on Beyonce’s schedule real quick.

We have faith that if anyone can get Topshop to throw out yoga pants for all like an episode of Oprah’s favorite things, it’s Bey.