Amy Schumer

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I’m not the biggest Lena or Amy fan, but their recent interview seemed to take their Millennial-esque self-obsession from bad to worse. Since when do we not have to answer for the people with whom we associate and WHEN was it is okay to allow rape jokes just because you’re okay with it?! Sure, these ladies […]

August 18, 2016 at 11:00 AM

In her new collection of essays, Schumer gives readers an inside look to what her road to fame has been. And while we’ve been able to witness brands pony her out as ‘the curve face’ and one of the few women in Hollywood who isn’t on a crazy crash diet to try to fit into […]

Girl’s got some valid points.

Seeing a curvy woman flaunt and show off her body, without apologies, and even with a voice of humor is extremely refreshing.

  Amy Schumer’s career as a comedian and actress is constantly on the up, but she’s also making a case to become a body activist. After her controversy with Glamour Magazine including her in their curve-friendly publication without her approval, she’s taken the opportunity to shed light on some of the industry’s biases and make […]

She should be able to make light of weight and shape.

Keep slaying the grammar game, Schumer.

Asserting you slept with someone and slut shaming them IS highly amusing humor.

The sign of a true winner.

It wouldn’t be right to end the year without one more mic drop from Amy Schumer.

Amy looks pretty peeved, and we’re hoping it’s because, yeah, women with curves still aren’t widely accepted on the runway despite her clever attempts.

People jumped at the opportunity to gently remind Amy that, no, she does not have the body type of a thin plastic doll.

Amy was bundled up for an Alaskan winter and nowhere close to the explosion of perfume and hairspray at Miss Universe.

“I think I make fun of how I think the world and how Hollywood sees me, which is heavier than most actresses.”

She should be on that stage in a jewel encrusted bra blowing kisses and taking backstage selfies with Kris Jenner.

Amy’s topless photo feels like the ultimate victory.

We like that Amy can keep it real in yoga pants and neon yellow .