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It’s often easier for plus-size women to buy diet pills than it is to buy workout gear.

“Take Tess Holliday as an example. A 5’5″ tall, size 22 fashion blogger and body activist, she started the wildly popular #effyourbodystandards hashtag, and parlayed her 600k+ followers into a contract with Milk Model Management, becoming the first woman of her size to sign to a major agency.”

From arched and angled to rings #onfleek.

Before you ask, I have tried Hanky Panky. I got two pairs for free at a fashion week event last year, and only the black pair is used. Hit me up if you want the nude one.

Publishers have enough of a battle ahead without us debating their ethics.

Netflix has just made it known which movies you’ll streaming from the comfort of your bed this holiday season, and all I can say is fuck Christmas sweaters — Crossroads is finally coming to Netflix!

August 4, 2014 at 1:31 PM

“To pretend you’re above snarking is the most hypocritical thing you can do. Maybe you aren’t snarking about blogs, but everyone shit-talks something or someone, somewhere, at some point.”

I’m personally offended that Tevas came back before high heeled high-top Chuck Taylors, and I don’t know why chaining your wallet to the belt loops of your jeans is not a socially acceptable method of keeping your cash safe.

Going swimming? Forget about it.

A Google search for “Terry Richardson allegations” now yields 82,400 results. But that doesn’t mean the stories of those brave enough to come forth should be lost in SEO ranking algorithms.

December 12, 2013 at 9:55 AM

These things have become so ubiquitous that I have even seen them in vending machines, which is kind of perfect, because like eating unheated Pop-Tarts at the Laundromat while you wait for you spin cycle to finish, wearing sock-shoes is one of the ultimate signs that you are beginning to fail as a human being.