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2017 is just starting, but January is basically over. It’s time to remind ourselves that we still have a few months to pack our bags and visit some amazing and different cities this year. With infinite amount of choices to pick around the world the task to find your next destination can be daunting. After […]

January 23, 2017 at 8:18 AM

If you are traveling the world or just going to Mexico and don’t know what to wear I got you covered! I know how daunting the question “What I’m going to wear?” can be. We’ve all been there and I hear you. As for me, before going on any trip with my friends, flying solo […]

Recently on my travels, I ended up in one of the most exciting places on Earth – Japan. While looking for places to stay I decided to look up “the Williamsburg of Tokyo” and found a gem by the name of Shimokitazawa or what locals call it Shimokita. Without much planning and reading a total […]