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July 5, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Give me a compelling reason why it is absolutely necessary to body shame someone’s weight or appearance and I will show you someone genuinely misinformed. There are very few things that are as unproductive as body shaming. Off of the top of my head, a few would be: going up a down escalator trying to […]

Let’s tread a bit carefully today. InWestern society, the subject of weight loss has become very perverted and now carries thousands of negative, harmful connotations of which it may never be completely rid. So when you read the words “weight loss” throughout this post, try to imagine the unhealthy sub categories that are usually linked to […]

“Bikini Body,” ugh. My Bikini Body Break Up series lets you know how I feel about that term. Ideally, nobody should ever strive for one type of bikini body. You know, the one we’re taught is the right one from swimsuit ads and Carls Jr. commercials. Ideally, we would all realize that the phrase, “get bikini […]