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“This is all my body, and I managed to create it and make it strong, and make it worthwhile and use it for a purpose.”

June 10, 2016 at 12:16 PM

These are the piece I keep coming back to.

So that you guys can discuss the instant feedback on our first group editorial.

The gap between who they want to be and the person they perform as.

Aching for women to be able to chill in the sun without being immediately catcalled, flashed, or spied on with binoculars.

“We’re focusing on just one particular models that’s on-trend right now, and a lot of models get lost.”

Like Reservoir Dogs, but with Chromat.

The Runway will hear us. What do you want from fashion? #JointheRiot and tell RunwayRiot.

We look forward to seeing more of this baetacular bombshell in future.

These mothers are active. How does this affect women?

Really into family for fall.

“The fact that no one flagged this is offensive and, frankly, stupid.”

“Our industry is missing something bold and daring without being cheesy or trashy.”

Schooling us on where they get their looks and the best dressed sea animal.

Pansies trending so hard right now.

You know we’re about crashing the runway so INTO IT.

Total deep belly laugh craziness.

“I walked into that hospital in a tight dress and high heels, honey.”

“To look gorgeous, you got to sacrifice.”

Behold Mariah on her pro lingerie, anti-clothing stance.

It was easy to follow how much women suck in this world.

So devastatingly statement-making in a way that says “I’ve made it.”

“Parents so possessive trying to arrange marriages.”

With lotus flowers.

“It’s time the fashion industry stopped using health as an excuse to not diversify.”

Just look at the way she wears a silk dress and boy sneakers.

“I love the body, in all its shapes and sizes. I believe in using fabric with motion and fluid to help highlight that.”

This is the best Miley tongue usage to date.