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“Nicki Minaj is someone with a voice, and she has her butt, and her boobs, and that’s just different.”

“I aim to capture what’s real. I show a lot of feminism and reclaiming of the black women bodies in my work, which is something I’d like to bring into the fashion world one day very soon.”

As proof that they’re all human women.

Growing up as the daughter of a seamstress in Alabama, Jodi Arnold was always wired to design. As the creative director and VP of design at Eloquii, Arnold can do anything for women who wear sizes up to a 24, except fail to deliver all the high fashion looks the straight size women get in […]

On Lady Gaga: “Seeing her at the party will forever go down as one of my favorite moment of all time. “

“We come for sparkle, razzle, dazzle and basically everything that a drag queen would want to steal from a Chinese jewelry store.”

“Some days, you get discouraged and some days you’re like, ‘we’re almost there.'”

September 14, 2015 at 10:44 AM

“I’d love to see this compartmentalized mentality when it comes to size gone.”

“People don’t understand that skinny shaming is real.”

He literally jumps a lot, and he sweats.

“I feel like the fashion world owes that social responsibility to people to see themselves in the runway or in high fashion. “

When faced with haterade, recently celebrities have responded swiftly, and well.

Always nice when labels remember size diversity exists, not so nice to fork over extra cash for the privilege.

It’s just a measly $3, which likely adds up for them, but it does sting.

Constantly smuggling bacon into the fashion world via her clothes and life choices.

“I just a cut a freaking bikini. Why is that so important? But I’m touched by the way people connected.”

“They profit off of our own fears of not being enough by splashing headlines and advice that don’t solve the longer harder problem.”

We take a walkabout through ten bad b*tch models who sped up the fashion’s body diversity movement throughout the last fifteen years starting with Sophie Dahl.

This is officially the negging of ads.

Jean Kilbourne talks about how men are never objectified the same way, how diversity in ads would change everything, and why there needs to be more outrage about the image of women.

Why hide out when you gotta ride out?

From defiant handwritten letters to fiery blog posts.

“I now know it doesn’t’ matter that the fashion world has certain standards of beauty that tell you what size you are. Denise said that that is changingm and it definitely is. You’re seeing seeing beauty in different places now.”

Unlike the Kylie Jenner challenge, these methods don’t cause injury or a major transformation.

If some labels are starting to offer gender neutral clothes, Bindle & Keep promises the dream: a suit tailor-made to all your specifications by people who listen to you.

“I cannot tell you how much I hate that “real” women phrase. Am I not a woman if I wear a size 4? A size 2? Am I a robot? A unicorn? What am I?”

“I think they’re fresh but change the name, it should be unfresh jeans.”

Do we actually need brands to give us the top-secret information that a big nose or curly hair is O.K. seeing as most companies don’t?


March 10, 2015 at 10:39 AM

Think of the money you’ll save on Botox if you keep them up.

A rock legend who knew how to wear microminis, long thick wigs or spiky hair, and more than anyone’s fair share of tassels.

“You put on that tight dress and you put on all those undergarments and things and your body just sort of does it.”

We wish we could shed a tear every time an extremely famous person speaks up for Richardson with complete conviction, but no.

January 2, 2015 at 11:49 AM

A hot take on our the cages society puts women in.

“This year, several cops came over to us in the park and they were prepared by their commanding officers. They actually came over to say, ‘has anyone harassed you?”

“The only reason people are ashamed is that the media and advertisers tell little girls that their value lies in the way they look.”