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January 11, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Written By : Jessica Schirripa Recent headlines regarding celebrities and politics define social hypocrisy. My biggest issue has nothing to do with being anti-trump/pro-streep or vice verse, it’s that we live in a culture which encourages individuals to have a voice, the right to personal opinion, and be brave enough to stand up and share it, […]

Plans are in motion for celebs and designers as 2017 kicks off. They are obsessed with New Years Resolutions and are ready to make them a reality. WWD surveyed some of our favorite stars like Sienna Miller and designer’s like Zac Posen to see what they will be up to over the next few months. From […]

As E! Online reported this summer, Amy Schumer recently spoke about how she was given a trainer in preparation for her role in Trainwreck. That trainer provided her with a diet plan that she was not too excited about. Though Amy lost a few pounds, it doesn’t seem she ever really wanted to. Amy has […]

Tim Gunn wasn’t pleased with Emily Ratajkowski’s choice of attire for the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. According to Vanity Fair, the Fashion Police star called Emily’s dress “repugnant.” He said, “This dress is so appallingly vulgar and revealing. Why wear anything? Why not just take it all off?” His co-star, NeNe Leakes, responded, “You guys […]

September 23, 2016 at 6:48 AM

Sometimes, Taraji drops serious truth bombs. When she sat down with some of her fellow stars from the upcoming movie Hidden Figures, she let the world know exactly how she feels about catty women. Ever heard of crabs in a pot? When crabs know they’re going to die and one crab tries to get out, you’ll […]

September 22, 2016 at 12:34 PM

According to Quartz, boy policymakers and scientists are in agreement that everyone should have access to green areas. The ability to spend time in nature is conducive to exercise and activity. Studies and surveys show that those living in places with more green areas have less anxiety, sadness, and anger. A photo posted by Butch […]

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. Don’t you know that what you put out in the universe is what you receive sometimes? It’s pretty clear that’s how you and Jennifer Aniston feel about Angelina and Brad, but I’d be careful if I were you. Chelsea Handler, as per usual, went off on some crazed rant about Brangelina breaking […]

Remember when we were upset about the dreadlocks controversy at Marc Jacobs? Well here’s a legitimate reason why. The U.S. Court of Appeals recently decided that hairstyles are not “immutable traits” making it even harder for women of color to wear their hair how they want in the workplace, in fear that they will get […]

Usually, we’d see a Birkin or a Luggage Tote and say goals, but that is not the vibe in the retail industry right now. Luxury houses are always setting trends, but they aren’t meeting the sales goals they’ve set. BoF reported today that Hermes gave up on their sales forecast as a goal they could […]

We are total suckers for a good commercial, and this one from Gatorade took our breath away today. Elena Delle Donne of the Chicago Sky WNBA team’s ad for the Win from Within campaign is insanely good. The ad starts with beautiful panoramic shots of Chicago and Donne explaining she feels as though her time […]

According to the Guardian, Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, is working to promote positive body image by encouraging teens to challenge traditional beauty standards. This monday she took a trip to Cheltenham’s All Saints Academy to talk to teenagers about body image. This was the first of many planned school talks she will hold on […]

Usually, high fashion magazines put the same old, same old on the covers. Even if the actress hasn’t been in a movie in ages, or doesn’t seem to particularly have anything interesting going on, if she’s mainstream approved, she gets a cover. So how refreshing is it to see Tracey Africa, fashion’s first African-American transgender […]

You probably remember the hit movie “Straight Outta Compton” last year, and if you’re super particular about things like the Bechdel test (like myself) then you probably also remember that there was little interaction with women in the movie other than talking about the men in their lives. As soon as the movie came out, Michel’le, […]

Remember when we praised H&M for having Ashley Graham in their Studio Collection ads and not making a big deal out of it? While the clothing wasn’t sold in stores, it was still a big step for a curve woman to the face of a non-curvy fashion line. Unfortunately today ABC has reported that H&M […]

Award shows are pretty much a snooze these days to me because it’s so predictable who the winners are going to be, and usually it really just depends on the year to get a really good mix of celebrities and movies and television shows represented. Luckily, this year’s Emmys happened to be one of the […]

Totally admitted, sometimes people get upset about stuff that’s pretty silly. Sometimes people read too much into things. But often, prejudice is just that, prejudice. Enter a story we were super bummed to hear about buzzing across social media. Ashley Ellis Sisco and her friends were trying to get into the Kandy Bar in Charlotte, […]

As the Daily Mail reported this weekend, Paola Torrente, the model who was runner up in the Miss Italy pageant, is being body shamed by a cruel internet troll. Torrente is a twenty-two-year-old model who wears a size fourteen. She came in second in the 2016 Miss Italy Pageant, only to quickly be criticized by […]

There are a lot of designers out there that think appropriation is just a big word that gets thrown around when people of color are upset or being overly-sensitive. That kind of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s spawned a lot of people to think that Marc Jacobs recent runway show which […]

Tiziana was 31 years old with an entire life ahead of her, but that has ended due to the world of slut shaming. Yes, it is true that Tiziana had a choice. She sent a video of her having sex to her ex-boyfriend, presumably thinking that he would keep it to himself. That was a […]

Everyone has inherent biases that go with us in our daily decisions, but this one really hurt. UNICEF did a social experiment with a young girl in Georgia that goes to show what you look like really does matter and determine how you’re treated. You, reader, obviously care somewhat about your projection to the world. […]

Body shaming, and trolling on the Internet has really taken a turn for the worse with celebrities like Mormani Kordei an Leslie Jones, but this week we’re glad to see that Normani Kordei has made a triumphant return to social media. Last month she shared that she was taking a break because people were attacking her […]

I can’t. Honestly, I just can’t. And Paige, I hope you read this. Yep. This is what Paige Shoemaker and her friend Sadie Meier thought it was okay to do. You know, it wouldn’t have been blackface if you just had a mask on. My friends and I do a Boscia mask together pretty frequently. […]

September 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Celine Dion has been through a hell of a lot over this past year, with the passing of both her husband and her brother. Even so, she is back to work doing what she has always been passionate about, and we admire her determination and commitment to her art. A photo posted by Céline Dion […]

According to VTDigger, this weekend Vermont-based filmmaker Bess O’Brien is premiering her documentary about eating disorders. She is known for her 2013 film “The Hungry Heart,” about drug addiction. O’Brien’s new film, “All of Me,” she tells the stories of patients and clinicians at the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy. She aims to examine the […]

The Huffington Post deleted a blog post from a contributor that wrote a piece shaming young female college students for not wearing enough clothing at football games. In the piece she says, “An Alabama student myself not 20 years ago, I remember what fun it was to dress up for football games. My friends and […]

A fourth-grade Atlanta teacher named Patrice Brown has gone viral over the weekend because in the photo Brown is seen wearing a bodycon dress while in her classroom. It’s surprising how people, especially woman so quickly judge another woman to tell her what she should or should not be wearing, and what’s appropriate for her […]

If you haven’t seen the video that’s going viral yet, a 19 year old was raped at a house party and was asked by a judge, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” Upon hearing this, I became instantly sick. I’m not even usually a crier, but I cried because this is a signal […]

This weekend Refinery29 reported that, according to a new study in the journal, Body Image, super thin dolls cause young girls to have body image problems. Shocking, we know. The study examined girls from ages six to eight. Some played with traditional Barbie dolls, while others played with Tracy Turnblad dolls. Researchers also examined a […]

Ever go into a store and realize that all the mannequins are pretty much sample sized? For a lot of people this doesn’t seem to be something that needs to be changed sooner than later because they are just mannequins, and there’s so many issues in fashion and the curve community that need attention. However, […]

After years of dealing with trolls who have nothing better to do than insert their own, unwarranted opinions about other people’s bodies, Instagram is finally allowing users the capability to put an end to the nonsense. Their new comment filtering feature will no doubt cause some rifts, but it’s pretty beneficial for all of us […]

Lindy West is known for her body positive activism. She is a feminist, a writer, and an advocate for body acceptance. But due to recent comments, she has exposed that her body love standpoint may be pretty hypocritical. Last week, West took to twitter to criticize Christina Hoff Sommers, a well-known conservative feminist. West’s tweet […]

Designer Christian Siriano made us very happy this fashion week. As the Hollywood Reporter mentioned yesterday, at his show for his spring 2017 line, five of Siriano’s runway models were plus-size. Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Precious Lee, Marquita Pring, Sabina Karlsson, and Georgia Pratt all walked in the show, along with straight-size models. Love these stunning […]

Actress Radhika Apte recently spoke with The News Minute about her new film “Parched.” Apte was asked about her sex scenes in the movie and the way in which people have objectified her in those scenes. Apte said, “You cannot control gaze… how someone chooses to view your body once it’s out in a public […]

Honestly, this is one of the dumbest portions of an incredibly stupid election cycle thus far. People are questioning whether or not Hillary Clinton is fit to lead because she felt sick. Pardon me while I simultaneously pour a very hot cup of tea and a glass of wine to attempt to deal with the […]

Women have a lot of trials and tribulations when it comes to their appearance, but excess hair is quite often a universal no-no for ladies. Harnaam Kaur and her beard are not only winning titles, but hearts across the globe. A photo posted by Harnaam Kaur (@harnaamkaur) on Sep 3, 2016 at 12:50am PDT Harnaam […]

Yesterday, We The Unicorns, an online YouTube guide, reported that the YouTuber known as “Fat Girl Flow” (or FGF) was getting criticism for calling out other plus-size vloggers. She posted a video entitled “Dear Body Positive YouTubers: That’s Not Body Positivity.” In the video she said, “There’s a big difference between liking plus-size clothing and […]