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Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but she’s also hilarious.

If you mess with the Teigen, you will definitely get the horns.

We’re glad that at least SOMETHING good came out of Harris’ nightmare of a shopping experience.

The day curvy models can hang out in fashion spreads with straight size models in large quantities and NO ONE gives a peep about it because it’s the norm will be the day when we can all rest in peace.

It feels like a win.

This photo has soft stomachs galore, which is like Visine to itchy eyes.

We get that working at Walmart probably isn’t a field day, but this behavior is horrifying

It’s like #boobgate or something.

The collection offers minimalist, sleek, COOL (!!!) wardrobe staples that you’d be likely to find from high street brands.

See you in hell, Hollywood.

“If I can fit into their clothing, why can’t I be in the picture?”

If Rousteing really wanted to embrace individuality with his army, he’d start churning out Balmain threads to fit curvier women.

This guy is a true gem in a sea of garbage bags.

She doesn’t give a flying screw about how many hours you’ve studied WebMD.

Here we are again singing the same old sad song.

We’re thrilled that, in 2016, people in the biz are realizing that those fun little body shaming gems in movies really don’t do much to move the plot along.

Is there anything more appealing than throwing a mini blanket around your neck if you absolutely must leave the house during the month of January?

It sends the message that anyone with a body type bigger or smaller is, in somebody’s opinion, not normal.

#NYFW is upon us.

It’s not every day we see a WWE wrestler tweeting out “#loveyourcurves,” so we’ll take it.

Carry on, haters.

What a time to be alive.

Thank you, Amber Rose, for your Kanye clap backs and making the world a more livable place.

This message feels like a dip in the sea on a stifling afternoon in July.

Ariel Winter caught wind of a trending image of Dalbesio and weighed in on the matter.

Kanye’s a gemini, so it all makes sense now.

No matter what size her butt is, Lil’ Kim will always be better at life than any of you.

And Ashley Graham schools you on how to do a proper lunge.

The “J.Lo booty” topic has been trending since uh… 1997 when she twirled in Selena.

Now she’s looking at the whole shebang as a growing opportunity.