The Power of 11: How to Align With Your True Self

All of us are on a unique journey, and I know I speak for many when I say this road can be hard! It’s filled with pain, suffering, and trauma. But just like two sides of a coin, there is also the flip-side. There is also a lot of wonder and beauty in life. Nevertheless, however you choose to view your life is ultimately up to you. We each have our own reality grid that dictates how we see the world around us. Our reality tunnel consists of our views and beliefs, and this is molded and formed as we grow up and experience life. While we all see the world through a different reality grid, this grid or tunnel always has the ability to change and expand. Nothing in life is static, and each person’s reality tunnel is like their very own artistic creation!

If you feel like you are disconnected, lost, and are not on the correct path, know that it’s okay! We all fall down, but the key to getting back up and aligning with your true calling is to know and understand your true self. Just know that this will take some time, love and patience, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Know that you do deserve love and to live an extraordinary life. We are all here for a reason. If you are looking to reach your full potential and align with your true self in 2017, check out some key pointers you need to keep in mind as you set upon this path.

1. Open yourself up to a whole new realm of possibilities. Get out and travel, meet people, have new and exciting experiences. Let go for once and see where life takes you. I guarantee it will open up your eyes and can help you find yourself in the process.

2. View the world through the eyes of love, and not through the eyes of fear. Fear will only pull you further away from your path. While life can seem overwhelming and daunting, you don’t want to sulk in the shadows. Instead, view everything in your life as a learning experience and look for the silver lining. There is one. It just may take a bit of work and time to find it.

3. Learn forgiveness. More importantly, learn to forgive yourself. Then you can move to forgiving others. We all have our own form of trauma, and getting these things out of our head is impossible. We are human, so we are all flawed in some way, and we all make mistakes. So laugh at yourself and realize that everything is OK. Forgiveness is the way around fear and is the first step towards love, acceptance, and healing.

4. As Gandhi once said, “be the change you want to see the world.” Many feel that the outside world is simply a reflection of the inner, so if you want the world to change, start with yourself first. First and foremost, start by loving yourself. Then you can begin to control your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, and actions. Just remember to keep them aligned with what you want to become!

5. Stay positive! If you are always in a negative mindset, you will attract negative and painful situations into your life. Whereas, if you remain positive and view the world through the eyes of love, you will attract wonderful and beautiful situations into your life. It’s called the law of attraction, and it works.

6. Know that you ARE good enough. When you lose sight of your true self, you start to believe that you are not good enough and that you need someone or something else to make you better. Know that this mode of thinking is far from the truth and that you are already inherently perfect, exactly as you are.

7. Robert Anton Wilson once said, “how many times have you encountered the saying, ‘when the student is ready, the Master appears?’ Do you know why that is true? The door opens inward. The Master is everywhere, but the student has to open his mind to hear the Masters voice.” Recognize that everything that you need is already there, inside of you.

8. Do what you love. Find your passion and go with it. If you discover that certain aspects of your life are not working for you, change them. You most certainly have the power and the ability to do so. We all have our own special calling, our own unique talents, so go for it. Do what you love, follow your passions and everything else will fall into place.

9. Take some time to meditate. Do this however you wish. Take five minutes to yourself to enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning. Take a walk through nature, or just find a comfortable place to sit back (or lie back) and put on a guided meditation. Don’t know of any? YouTube has plenty. When you quiet your mind, you will be able to hear yourself better. This step will become easier the more you incorporate a sense of “stillness” into your life.

10. Know you are exactly where you need to be at this present moment. All of your experiences, both good and bad have shaped you into the person you are today. We all have lessons to learn, and trials to overcome. Embrace them and learn from them. These are the lessons you need to live and learn.

11. Remain open and flexible. Bruce Lee said it best, “you must be shapeless, formless, like water…become like water”. Remember, you can always change how you think and develop love and trust for yourself. Yes, it will take time and no, it won’t be easy. But nothing in life ever is, so just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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