Fun and Different Things to do This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a very difficult holiday for everyone! Whether you are single or not, you never know the perfect thing to do to make everyone around you happy. Here are a few different approaches for everyone to have a great Valentine’s day this year!

Galentine’s Day

For all your single friends that don’t have plans this Valentine’s day, plan them a fun Galentine’s day party! This party can go one of two ways, either bonding together over how you’re upset over being single or turning Valentine’s day into the best girl’s night ever! Valentine’s day is meant to focus on love, so focus on how much you love your friends! Supply the party with heart shaped mini pizzas, red and pink drinks, and fun games that can get your mind off of the Hallmark Holiday!

Indoor Adventure

Instead of doing the typical dinner and a movie for Valentine’s day, why not try something a little more adventurous! There are so many great indoor activities to do now that could really be appealing for Valentine’s day. Some really exciting favorites include indoor trampoline parks, go-cart racing, and roller skating. The more exciting, the more memorable your Valentine’s day will be!

Bringing out your Artistic Side

There are so many fun ways to show off your artistic abilities now. Right now, it is so popular to do a wine tasting paired with a painting class. There are so many options everywhere, so if you search for a wine/painting class, I’m sure there will be one right by you!

Look towards the deals!
With a day like Valentine’s day, there are so many great deals going on. If you look on a website like Groupon or Yipit, there will definitely be great deals that places in your area are offering. It is important to be doing something on Valentine’s day, and if you do it at a relative price, it will make your Valentine’s day experience so much better.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, all of these ideas are perfect for a day like Valentine’s day. It is an excuse to do something fun and exciting, so enjoy your Valentine’s day to the fullest, no matter who you are spending it with!


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