Sweat, Tears, the Sea and Me

Isak Dinesan says “The cure for everything is salt water.  Sweat, tears or the sea”. I happen to agree and suggest we all book a lovely getaway as soon as humanly possible.  After all, when is the last time you were sitting, sweating in the sun with your feet in the sand, ocean waves lapping up alongside you, tears of laughter streaming down your face that you didn’t feel pretty amazing?  Like everything in the world somehow made sense all over again.  In addition to the much-needed break from reality, another major bonus of the warm weather vacation is how incredibly easy it is to pack! Growing up my mother always insisted that my sister and I pack an extra bathing suit and pair of underwear in our carry-on.  It’s a rule that has served me well, though now admittedly, I am always disappointed in myself if I can’t manage to fit everything I’m taking into my carry-on.  As I’ve added a few more stamps to my passport, I’ve gotten my warm weather packing list down to a science.  Below I’m sharing my beach packing checklist that served me well:

Bon voyage!

Photo Credit {http://thestocks.im/}

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