Graphic Tees are Making a Comeback

Ever want to just throw on a t-shirt with a pair of jeans or sweats and call it a day? I never thought of that simplicity as a “cute outfit” … Until now. Graphic tees are so back and I personally could not be happier, because they are perfect for my go-to lazy chic look. They can make any outfit pop while putting in the least amount of effort into it.

The graphic tee trend is now exploding in stores everywhere. The tees were so popular in the 80s and 90s as fashionistas would print their favorite things on a shirt and rep it around whenever they could. A few years ago, it used to be so difficult to find a good graphic tee. When I say good I mean – appropriate size, comfy feel, and trendy design. I feel like I’ve searched my whole life for the perfect graphic tee, but never came across something that could really make my outfit. Winter shopping in 2017 has finally brought me this perfect graphic tee, and it hasn’t been just one, it’s been plenty.

I’ve been bombarded with graphic tees in my recent shopping endeavors. Every store has a plethora of graphic tees that have vintage designs that are just straight up cool. These designs are from top designer logos, feel good sayings, and rock bands. Their designs are always unique. The best part about this graphic tee fad is that a lot of them are thrifty, and have some sort of fascinating story behind them. The acid wash, unique cuts, and intriguing prints that some of these graphic tees have adds so much character to any outfit.

The best thing about these graphic tees is that most people wearing them have no idea what the logo even means! A classic example is from band shirts of old school rock bands with tour dates on the back. “Dead Head’s” are getting offended that the Grateful Dead logo is being printed on t-shirts in popular stores across the world. If you ever come across one of these “Dead Head’s” in your graphic tee, play it cool, because you sure will be looking cool!

What are some of your favorite fashion comebacks? Are you going to give this graphic tee trend a try?

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