Confess Your Stress…ed

There are so many things that can get you stressed out lately. From politics and your job to family and relationships. It can all enrage you. You feel drained and annoyed at everything. Not only do you feel it you can see it in your skin and body. It’s important to find ways throughout the day and at the end of the day to de-stress and let it all go. That is a lot easier said than done.

I have some simple little things I do to help throughout the day and at night. In the morning I go without hearing any news. I feel like it will get my day off on a bad foot. Instead, I put on some good happy morning music. At work, I will light a candle that has my favorite smell to it, like one by Colleen Rothschild.  On my way home from work, in my car, I listen to music -either Sirius XM BPM or I love my Spotify and definitely sing along. It puts you in a feel good kind of mood.

Our skin is the first place to show it. Dark circles, dryness, lifeless hair and nails. I take a few important vitamins like E, C, D and B12 daily to start with the inside. My major focus is a good skin and hair care regime. Some of my favorite products are from This Works, and ironically the first thing I said to my sister about the products are “Denise, This Works so good.” They are all about skin solutions that work 24 hours a day. The newest items I just got are the #confessyourstress Stress Check line, you can find soon online.

I start and end the day breathing in the rollerball with essential oils. It is uplifting and subtly calming. Then, after I wash my face in the morning I apply the face oil to protect my skin through the day with Vitamin C, E and Omega 3. And once a week at night I usually do a face mask depending on how I feel. Right before bed, I spritz my pillow with Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I put a crystal under my pillow for sweet dreams and fall asleep a little more peaceful and calm on the inside and outside.

What are some of your stressed skin remedies? Give us your tips on managing stress in the comments below!

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