The Collab Heard Around The World, Louis Vuitton x Supreme

On January 19th in the midst of Paris Men’s fashion week, as the world’s pre-eminent fashion journalist, editors, buyers and influencers took their seats unaware that they were to witness what many are calling the best fashion collaboration in recent history. I will leave that up for debate, but one thing I believe we can all agree on is the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration is a perfect marriage of high and low, uptown meets downtown. For two companies that started the year 2000 on the wrong foot with Louis Vuitton sending Supreme a cease-and-desist letter regarding Supremes use of the LV monogram on their skate decks, now beginning 2017 with this well crafted streamlined collection, they are much better as friends. The two creative heads Kim Jones of LV and James Jebbia of Supreme worked on this collaboration for just under a year citing the city of New York and some of its most well-known eccentric inhabitants of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat as its inspirations.

The dynamic New York culture of the recent past- seventies, eighties, early nineties- is the point of excursion for the Autumn-Winter 2017 Louis Vuitton men’s collection. “It’s uptown and downtown,” says Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director. “Artist and musician, friends and heroes.”

-Louis Vuitton Autumn-Winter 2017 Press Release

From backpacks, wallets, key chains, pouches, belts, scarves and shoes to bottle openers, skateboard decks, wheels, and turntables the collection supplies something for the demographic of both brands. A rough date of July 17th is being whispered about as a release available in all Louis Vuitton doors. Which gives many of us some time to save and make a well thought out purchase as the products feature the Supreme logo but sport the LV price tag.

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