“I Woke Up Like This” French Women Just Have It

The enduring, often elusive, allure of “je ne sais quois”.  The devil-may-care attitude that we seem to ascribe to every single French woman, regardless of the reality of the situation, whether we have met them or if they are just a figment of our imagination.  How we wish we were.  Just that they are French and they are women is enough to make us believe they have “it”.

French style is driven by one major force – the attitude.  It’s the ultimate expression of “I woke up like this”. And because of that, anyone can have it.  She cares little, if at all, for the opinions of others, she won’t put too much time into how she looks and she will never be perfectly done.  And because of all of that, she is perfect to us.  This is the magnetism and the magic  behind the fashion, the look, the style that we all covet.  As I write this I have just received a text from one of my closest girlfriends who happens to be French.  She has just sent me a picture of a coat she wants, an on-trend oversized, shapeless robe coat.  She writes “Do you like it? It is oh so oversized and sexy”.

So perverse, so very French.

It is the un-obvious take on sex appeal.  The shapelessness, careless draping, fabrics softly gliding over edges that make admirers wonder what she looks underneath it all.  She never reveals too much or gives too much away.  Keeping secrets for herself only letting a lucky few to fully know her.

As I mentioned, any woman can be as sexy as we believe French women are if you have the right attitude.  However, should you like to “fake it ‘till you make it” here are some French fashion style tips right from the streets of Paris:

Ankle length (or shorter) wide leg pants (in denim, wool…or why not just go for leather);

The over-sized robe coats, sweaters, wraps that are technically coats but are more suggestive of a robe as their name reflects;

Bonne chance mes amis!

Are you going to add some of these to your closet for an ultimate Paris street style?

Photo Credit { Pexel}

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