Game Day Style

In the mix of the unpredictability of game-day, it is easy to forget about your outfit. Game-day style is so important and so easy to get creative. No matter what team you’re supporting, everyone can come together and appreciate great game-day style. So, if you need some suggestion on what to wear to sporting events or game-day watching parties, consider some of these items:


Oversized sweater dresses are so in style right now. Throw on a big comfy sweater, a pair of tights and high boots and you look high fashion! Why not try that with an oversized jersey! Take your big jersey, throw on a long sleeve and a pair of spandex underneath, with tights and high boots, and you are set for the party! With this game-day look, you might take the attention away from the game!

Patched Sweatshirts

Patched sweatshirts are some of the comfiest ways to be trendy. These sweatshirts are so adorable and so versatile. With your favorite team’s sweatshirt, add an adorable patch to spice it up. You can add a sew on patch to add a little character, or sew on a portion of a flannel to bring out your team’s colors. Either way, it is comfy and stylish!


Rock your favorite team’s gear through vintage wear! There are so many cool vintage shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets out there that can add so much trend to your game-day outfit! Shop on Etsy or in thrift stores to find the greatest gear from your favorite team!

Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are the best way to show your teams spirit and add a little girl power! Any person at the party that sees you in your varsity jacket is going to wonder where you got it, and want to get one for themselves!

All cut up!

Cutting your teams sports gear adds a lot of flare! Slitting up the necks, sleeves and backs of shirts make them look so much better! You can make any boring t shirt into a halter, or crisscross the neck! Whatever you do, cutting it up a little will make you look a lot trendier than just wearing a boring t-shirt.

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