Where To Shop For Cool Curvy Girl Clothes

As a curvy girl myself, I can honestly say that I know the struggle of finding jeans that fit over your booty, but don’t gap in your waist. I also know how much it sucks when you walk into the plus section of a store and all they have are shapeless, loose-fitting dresses that look like your grandmother’s clothes.

Fortunately, as the fashion industry begins to be more accepting of a wider range of body types, so are some of the trendiest retailers. Here are some of the best places to shop for cool curvy girl clothes.

ASOS: If you visit the “curve and plus” section on ASOS website then you will find pretty much everything from sexy dresses, to business casual attire, to comfy joggers. The selection is huge and in addition to carrying their own plus line, ASOS Curve, they also carry a variety of other brands including Missguided, Boohoo, and River Island.

Fashion Nova: If there was ever a brand made for sassy girls of all sizes, it’s Fashion Nova. Most of the clothes run from a size extra small to 3X. They, of course, carry jeans, bodysuits, leggings and cut-out dresses, but they also have a large selection of intimates.

Forever 21: Forever 21 is basically a staple in the millennial girl’s closet because of its low price points and wide range of styles. It turns out, they have a pretty wide range of sizes as well. In the plus section, most of the items go up to a size 3X and the jeans go up to a size 22.

Lane Bryant:  If you are working with a slightly higher budget, Lane Bryant has a ton options, especially if you need to update your professional wardrobe. Their pants go up to a size 33 or 4X and they also have a large selection of intimates. Personally, I love buying tights here too.

Torrid: Similar to Lane Bryant in price point and aesthetic, Torrid has a very chic, feminine vibe and a wide selection as well. They actually have a really fun selection of graphic tees under their pop culture tab.

Swimsuits For All: If you’re already planning for spring break and you want cute swimwear you can feel confident in, then Swimsuits For All is a great place to look. Some of the most famous curvy girl trendsetters are apart of their campaigns including blogger Gabi Gregg and supermodel Ashley Graham.

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