“Journey Out of Fat, Dumb, and Ugly” Back To Positive Self Worth

I have bought many books over the years, that I guess you would put in the self-help category. Although I wouldn’t specifically call them self-help. For me I consider it inspiration. A way to take from another’s knowledge and apply it to your own life.  Cherie Esteves’s book  a “Journey Out of Fat, Dumb, and Ugly” is an easy read that’s relatable to almost everyone who has felt inferior and not liked. It is a book to help restore feelings of positivity and strong self-worth in both women and men.

Journey Out of Fat, Dumb, and Ugly” is the story of a woman named Journey who learns to overcome her low self-esteem while challenging herself to believe the positive affirmations she creates. The book focuses on the issues of a diminished self-worth and how it contributes to decisions that lead toward the present state of one’s life and existence.

The Author Cherie Esteves has worked to make it her mission in her personal life to help other who have suffered from physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse, whether voluntarily or against their will. She herself once suffered from poor self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and depression while trapped in a bad long-term relationship. Using methods that worked in her own life, the book assists with tips for making a change. It helps readers turn pain into power and discover purpose.  It includes twenty-one life-changing thoughts, to change the direction of their thoughts and life.

“I’m always looking to improve myself and my relationships by seeking to reach the next stage of personal development in order to advance my life and become the very best version of myself,” said Esteves. “I wrote this book to help others by using a solution that has personally helped me break free from the pattern of self-sabotaging thoughts and destructive behaviors.”

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