5 Empowering Female Mantras For The Fierce Woman In All Of Us

When times are trying, sometimes it’s hard to stay afloat mentally. Especially, given the state of the world that currently surrounds us, it seems near to impossible to keep ourselves from thinking negatively. How am I to empower myself in world that has a difficult time swallowing fierce women? This is where these fierce female mantras come in. These are five things that are important for women to remind both themselves and each other, in order to keep that fierce fire burning in all of us:

  1. Celebrate who you are, flaws and all – Truth be told, it’s really your quirks and idiosyncrasies that make you the beautiful woman you are, inside and out. You are unique and fabulous, so stand tall and let it shine for the world to see. Love yourself and be confident and always be your badass-self because we all know it’s the wild women who really make history.
  2. Trust your inner voice – So much can be said for a woman’s intuition and so often it is ignored. Trust that inner voice ladies! Listen to yourself and let it speak to you about everything from your surroundings, to who you really are inside. You’ll find that when you trust yourself and listen, it will never steer you wrong.
  3. Rock your own style, boldly – Your style is a reflection of YOU! No matter how you dress each morning, make sure you take the opportunity to embrace it and really own it. It doesn’t matter if you match or clash or look trendy or hip or soft… Whatever it is, make sure it is unapologetically you!
  4. Embrace your venerability – Allowing yourself to be seen exactly as you are is part of the process when it comes to becoming a fiercely empowered female. Throwing light at darkness will illuminate your fears for what they really are, plus things are always less scary once you shed some light on them. Don’t ever forget that your weaknesses can very quickly become your strengths.
  5. Use your obstacles to drive you forward – When you’re feeling low or having a bad day, this is one to be sure you keep in your back pocket. The world will hurt you, but it’s how you handle yourself during the tough times that matters the most. Use whatever set backs that come your way as a means of propelling yourself forward towards the happiness and success you deserve. Pick yourself up girl… You’ve got this!
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