Join #TheseCurves and Show Your Body Some Love

It’s time to show a little love for your body. Torrid, unveiled a new campaign this week, #TheseCurves, featuring a diverse group of real women of different shapes and sizes in the brand’s newest intimates collection. This is Torrid’s latest campaign to feature non-­‐models, ranging from customers to digital influencers. #TheseCurves is an expression of Torrid’s commitment to body positivity and making the best fitting bras, panties and lingerie for women sizes 10 to 30.

Launched just in time for Valentine’s Day, the #TheseCurves campaign will be featured on and the brand’s social channels. Torrid plans to continue using the hashtag throughout 2017.

“Launching this hashtag with our intimates campaign, felt right because finding the right bras and panties for a plus size woman has its challenges. Oftentimes, plus size women have been left with bland options,” says Liz Muñoz, SVP of Design of Torrid. “Here at Torrid, we take intimates very seriously and feel that the plus size woman should never have to compromise fit and style. She should have sexy options, just like straight size women.”

Torrid took to social media to cast their campaign stars, tapping customers through an Instagram sweepstakes, as well as plus size fashion bloggers, including Nicole Simone (@Curvesonabudget13), Anna O’Brien (@Glitterandlazers), Natalie Hage (@Nataliemeansnice) and Liz Black (@Psitsfashion).

“We wanted to turn the camera on our girl because we genuinely appreciate our customer. She’s the reason we’re here,” says Kate Horton, SVP and General Merchandise Manager for Torrid. “We’re launching #TheseCurves to show diversity and to empower women to feel bold and sexy.”

#TheseCurves Chime In:

“I am excited to be part of a campaign that celebrates the bodies many of us grew up being taught to hate. #TheseCurves encourages women to love and find joy in their bodies-­‐ no matter their shape. Torrid is creating in their advertising the future in hopes for women to love themselves for who they.”Anna O’Brien, @Glitterandlazers

“I think the #TheseCurves campaign is an amazing step forward in normalizing all body types and makes EVERY woman feel like a model. I’m honored to be a part of it.”-­‐ Nicole Simone, @Curvesonabudget13

“#TheseCurves house all the most wonderful parts of me. I have a heart of gold, a headstrong brain, a compassionate soul and an infallible will to be my truest self. #TheseCurves can achieve anything I put my mind to and to top it off, I feel confident and sexy as I move through the world.”-­‐ Natalie Hage, @Nataliemeansnice

“For too long, I’ve had to settle for basic bras and plain panties -­‐ my body deserves better than the blandness typically offered to plus size women. #TheseCurves are beautiful and deserve to be decked out in equally beautiful lingerie.” – Liz Black, @Psitsfashion

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