Top 3 Ways To Turn Your Boring Workout Routine Into Fun

Let’s face it: as good as regular exercise is for our bodies and minds, sometimes hitting the gym is the absolute last thing we want to do. After all, an hour spent on the treadmill isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a thrilling time. Is it really any mystery why working out is on our list of least favorite activities? As Women’s Health writes, forty percent of women recently surveyed by the American Cancer society reported that they would be more active if exercises were more fun. So, if your fitness routine has become just that—routine—shake things up by trying out one (or more) of these not-so-boring suggestions.

Take it Outside
Never underestimate a change in scenery, especially when it comes to revitalizing your exercise routine. Fitness trainers and health magazines agree that if your body gets used to doing the same workouts all the time, it can cause you to plateau. But the solution isn’t necessarily switching from the rowing machine to the arc trainer. Instead, the best way to improve your workout is by varying your intensity, environment, and timing of your cardio workout. Simply moving your workout from the gym or fitness studio to the great outdoors might be enough to get you out of that rut. For instance, if you normally run on a treadmill, try going for a jog in the park, around a nearby lake, or even through your own neighborhood instead. Is the Stairmaster your go-to at the gym? Hike a nearby trail or channel your inner Rocky and utilize the stairs found around town (sports stadiums, historic monuments, parking garages, schools, etc.) for an even better—and more effective—climbing experience.

Sign Up for Lessons
Working out doesn’t always have to mean hours spent on your gym’s elliptical or going for a daily jog around the block. Activities that might not initially come to mind when you think of exercising are often great ways to burn some calories and stay in shape. They can also be infinitely more fun than sweating it out on the Stairmaster. Look to hobbies that you enjoy or ones that you’ve always wanted to try for inspiration—like ballroom dancing, ice skating, golfing, and skiing—and sign up for lessons. Unlike with group fitness classes or going it on your own at the gym, you’ll get one-on-one attention from a trainer, which allows you to tailor each session to your own goals, needs, and interests, not to mention your schedule. Play Your Course platform that helps you find local instructors and set up lessons for whenever and wherever works best for you, effectively crushing the “no time for a workout” excuse (and crushing your fitness goals, too).

Bring a Friend
If you find yourself blowing off a workout in favor of grabbing dinner or drinks with your friends, you’re definitely not alone. It’s a no-brainer that socializing with the girls is a much more appealing option than busting your butt at the gym. But it doesn’t always have to be one or the other. Instead of meeting a friend at a restaurant or coffee shop, ask her to join you for a sweat session. According to Woman’s Day, experts say that people tend to enjoy exercise more when they’re with others, which may make you more likely to stick with your routine (or start one in the first place). By swapping out your wine Wednesday get-togethers for a weekly Pilates class with your friends, you’ll be able to catch up and burn calories at the same time—a true win-win.


How do you turn boring workout routine into a fun one? Let us know!

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