• csteve

    dammit, tricked again!

    Curse you Dan!

  • lowandslow21

    I’ve been Rick rolled.

  • JoyReid

    Where the f$$k am I……look like some sort of liberal cesspool…..

    • ANNG14

      So, hit the road.

      • JoyReid

        okay lib tard

  • Grandma Muses

    Sexist much? These are professional women who should not be judged on their wardrobe, hair, or makeup but on their work product. It is astonishing that you deem this OK in 2017. Get a clue!

    • MyButThairsTinks

      As you libprogs scream about the bleach blond bimbo bobble heads on Fox News.

    • Inky

      No. women need to look good if anyone is going to take them seriously. No one wants a scrub looking gal.

      • Grandma Muses

        How Neanderthal of you.

        • Inky

          No. How REAL of me. That is just the way it is.

  • Destro


  • Granite

    You can dress a pig in a Gucci gown…and it’s still a pig.

  • MyButThairsTinks

    Got faked into a woman’s site…anyway Megyn used to look like she was going to a strip club on Fox News.

  • Talk2thePuppet

    Seriously, this is actually a thing?

  • Gene Rayburn’s Microphone

    WTF, Mediaite?

  • Squirrelpool

    Raise your hand if you were tricked into coming here by Mediaite. 😑

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  • I was tricked into coming here and not into fashion. Enough with the overweight earrings, it looks like the earlobes are about to tear away.

  • Ari Agnon

    Because women want to be taken seriously LOL.

  • jules kinkead

    MegynKelly the face of Fox??? jesus where has you been she is hardly and articles already alluding to the fact that NBCers are not going to be so friendly as somebody or 2 has to be pushed aside or out….and she is likely getting $11mil ..Their ROI will be a loser….

  • LeftistDestroyer

    Sexual objectivication by the patriarchy!!!!

  • Eurofuhrer

    At least it’s not the Mary Sue this time.

    • JoyReid


  • P.P. Chugger

    Yes, it’s true. There is nothing more unpleasant for us men to have to look at than a bunch of unfashionable nattering nabobs of negativism.

  • CocoPop

    Should we assume the article on male newscasters’ fashion choices will be out tomorrow?

  • tropicgirl

    Its making them irrelevant in the news world…

    plus, they are ugly

  • GordonGekko

    Harris Faulkner looks like tranny.