InstaTry It On.. In Virtual Reality

Did you ever want to try on different outfits instantly with out having to literally change out of your clothes. Like you see something online and think, I love it on the model but how would that look on me? Meet FaceCake’s InstaTry think Snapchat and Pinterest with a buy button. InstaTry lets users grab complete looks from anywhere to instantly be tried on in an Augmented Reality environment. It makes deciding what to buy when you are not with you BFF simple. Instantly see how you look in the clothing on the hanger without having to step out of your own clothing.

Swivel InstaTry Closeup can be used in-store or at home on mobile devices to grab any look and try it on in real-time! All looks can be placed into the user’s Virtual Closet along with items the user owns to create a unique aspirational wardrobe.  AlterImage, which is another feature allow you to record a short video of yourself  in the outfit. A personalized alter-identity can be used to interact with products anywhere from a mobile device. Perfect for anyone, it can be used at home, in front of a store window or at an event. “FaceCake is excited to work with Microsoft Azure to bring Augmented Reality to mainstream shopping,” said Linda Smith, founder and CEO of FaceCake. “Our latest product releases make our platform even more easily accessible for retailers and consumers alike, providing a convenient, relevant, and personalized shopping experience.”




Tags: Fashion, tech