Fair trade and ethical fashion brands we love

So you decided to give up on fast fashion? Cutting down on those tempting mass retailer deals won’t be easy. You’ve asked yourself how do you find brands that are ethical, sustainable and also fashion forward? This selection of ethical fashion brands will help you kick start your conscious fashion plan off the ground.




Get quality basics without the traditional retail markup. Everlane is all about radical transparency so they spend a lot of time finding the best factories and they build strong relationships with the factory owners to make sure they maintain ethical production best practices. They share the true costs of each piece of clothing and the production story behind it so the customer always knows the cost of the pieces and where they were made.


You have probably worn their dresses for weddings and date-night already. This brand was founded with the idea that sustainable fashion go hand in hand. All their limited collections are manufactured in their LA factory using recycled hangers and packaging. You can follow their ”RefScale” which tracks the environmental impact of every garment on their site.


If you are a denim lover, you already own a pair of this classic brand. For some years now, Levi’s has been working on minimizing their environmental impact by using quality cotton, less water and committing to sustainable production best practices. Now you know that your pairs of jeans are a guilt-free pleasure.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is breaking the status quo by doing business differently and taking a stand against social and environmental injustices. They are very hands on with their supply chain to ensure fair wages for factory workers. Their goal by 2020 is to have a line made with 100% organic cotton and linen fibers, carbon positive operations, responsible dyes and a no waste facility.

Alternative Apparel

This LA casual basics brand is a certified Green Business. Alternative Apparel values the rights of workers in all countries and stands by the right to fair and safe work conditions. They make sure their factories operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct. 70% of their garments are made with sustainable materials and processes. They are doing a great job at staying both ethical and sustainable.



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