Effortless Ways To Workout at Home

With the end of January just around the corner, it may be hard to believe that you haven’t truly stuck to your workout schedule as planned.  Like most January 1st is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and kick off a healthy year.  Vowing to be more fit and healthy in the new year can be daunting and overwhelming and for those reasons often times gets put on the back burner. Trying to find ways to incorporate fitness in a fun and time-efficient way is definitely one tactic that will help you stick to your new lifestyle without the pressure. Below are few items that are not only affordable but easy to use in a jiffy for the days you are looking to squeeze in an efficient workout.

Simply Fit Board 

If you are looking to target your core while watching your favorite TV show, in the morning before work or a quick burn before bed then this might be an ideal option for you. Simply Fit Board is a uniquely designed balance board that makes it easy to get in an efficient workout almost anywhere. The product can be used on carpet, linoleum, tile, laminate and hardwood and comes in the four vibrant colors: orange, green, magenta and blue.  In five short minutes, you will feel this workout, stand on the board to engage core, legs, and back while doing basic twists. You can even try adding weights for additional weight training. The board is perfect for storing in small spaces and perfect to switch up traditional squats and planks!  


Cardio is an important element when creating a workout regime however you will never see results if you neglect to tone your muscles. Strengthening your muscles is also key for functional fitness as you age! The Double Flex is a lightweight and portable total body gym that provides resistance on both sides of muscle groups during each DoubleFlex movement.  The DoubleFlex uses patented SpiraFlex technology that provides the same benefits of lifting weights without the weight or momentum, eliminating the need for bulky weights. This piece of equipment can be thrown into your suitcase when traveling and stored anywhere. Consider bringing it to work for a quick toning session at the office!

Crossover Symmetry’s Individual System

Crossover Symmetry offers an innovative and easy way to add a shoulder and back workout into your fitness routine. If you are new to fitness it is easy to overlook a number of muscle groups when putting together a workout. Having this system well help offer a well-balanced workout.  Concentrating on shoulder health and performance Crossover Symmetry not only provides aesthetic improvements, it will also help improve your posture. 5 programs can be integrated into your workout routine that focuses on common deficiencies and muscle imbalances. Included in the program is a Mobility Sac, which was designed to eliminate knots deep within the muscles that cause restrictions in movement. The Mobility Sac protocol can be used before warm-up, as part of recovery, or for maintenance to improve flexibility and optimize performance. Who doesn’t like a workout that will make stand tall, look good and feel strong?!

Body Dynamix 

Body Dynamix is like having your own personal trainer!  It includes a built-in workout program that is ideal for older adults who have limited mobility, suffering from an injury, those getting back into fitness or if you just want a good old-fashioned light workout. Body Dynamix includes 7 low impact workouts that can be infused in your weekly routine. If you often find yourself clueless when it comes to getting started with a routine this program is a great stepping stone to get you started.

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