Let Your Goddess Within..Out

Over the past year or two I have been paying more attention to my body and feeling emotionally peaceful. I began with meditation and have found multiple methods to feel calm and joyful. I recently spoke to a friend and energy medicine healer Liz Donohue who said to me ” you must embrace the feminine goddess within.” I instantly felt warm hearing the word goddess and the general meaning of it. Then I decided I needed to take a deeper look.

I have been doing Kundalini yoga for the past 4 years and feel like it has been the source of change in a more positive, happy life. It lead me to doing more for myself and body. I wanted to be at my optimal. I wanted a clear mind. I wanted a strong inner and outer body. All of these desires have made me want to unleash my inner goddess. I became a Reiki master, I promise I will share more on that in another post. I then sought out acupuncture which quickly became my source for a inner and outer body that truly flowed with the universe.

With my weekly acupuncture, I have learned more about yin and yang and Qi. The essence of how important it is to keep our Qi “life force” moving to stay healthy and vital. As I read more about it, I came across and article on the site Mind Body Green that referenced yin and how important it was for our cycle.  I took a further look on how to let our yin flow and found this brilliant feature on Gaiamtv.com that list 10 ways we can Honor Our Inner Goddess. From nourishing your dreams to slowing down and relish little pleasures. Worth a read. It becomes part of our daily routine to fine tune our mind and body but by doing this we can become the true Goddess we were ment to be.

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