Blink Fitness Launches New Ad Campaign with REAL Members, NOT Models

Are you sick and tired of seeing the same fit and sleek bodies in your average gym ad? Well, you are not alone! Blink Fitness recently launched a new ad campaign to address this same issue and encourage REAL Members, NOT Models.  The campaign features 16 of Blink’s very own gym members–not models. Blink hopes to redefine what fitness looks like by showcasing the real, diverse range of people. Members featured include Celestino, who regained the ability to walk again at Blink, to Amy, a working mother of three, who maintains her health—and sanity—by making time for fitness, each and every member in the campaign exudes self-confidence with their own unique inspirations for feeling good and getting healthy.


The members were selected following a brand-wide casting call via social media (a first for a gym) and an audition in front of a panel of influential “casting agents.” The panel included body-positivity advocates and Blink members Dascha Polanco, known for her role as Dayanara Diaz on Orange is the New Black, former NFL punter Steve Weatherford, and Blink Fitness personal trainer Sabine Milien. To audition, the members shared their fitness journeys and explained why they believe feeling good is the new looking good.

Learn more about this campaign below by reading the Q & A  with Blink’s VP of Marketing Ellen Roggemann.

Why is a Blink membership a different experience in comparison to other gyms?

While the rest of the fitness industry touts “perfect” bodies and lofty weight loss goals, Blink focuses on a more authentic and sustainable solution for fitness with our Mood Above Muscle™ philosophy, which highlights how exercise makes you feel versus just how it makes you look.

At as low as $15 per month, Blink brings Mood Above Muscle™ to life through what we call our Feel Good Experience™, which offers five things no other gym in our segment is providing.

First, we hire passionate people with high energy, who we call Mood Lifters. While they are there to help manage the gym, their primary role is to create a positive and uplifting environment.

Second, our gyms don’t look or feel like other gyms in the low-price segment. From our colors, to lighting, to space—Blink gyms have a luxury feel in terms of design.

Third, cleanliness and equipment upkeep are one of our top priorities. We have an Everyone Cleans philosophy. So, whether you’re working at the front desk or you’re the President of the company, you are re-racking weights, wiping down machines, picking trash up off the floor, etc.

Fourth, we actually curate our music based on beats per minute to ensure it drives the energy in the clubs to the next level.

Last but not least, we offer a free personal training session to every single member.  We want everyone to learn the skills they need to work out with confidence, and sessions start at only $27.

Would you say your members represent all fitness levels?

Blink has always been a place where people of all fitness levels can come together, feel a sense of community, and achieve their varying goals. Through our new 2017 “Every Body Happy” campaign, Blink is expanding traditional gym-related aspirations by showcasing the real, diverse range of people who derive joy and confidence from exercise.

67% of gym memberships are never used, what keeps your members showing up?

Whereas most gyms are focused on signing up new members, Blink has no sales people.  Instead, we prioritize maintaining a positive member experience.  Further, we’ve designed our gyms to be bright and colorful and our focus is on creating a warm, friendly, uplifting environment.  We want our members to leave the gym feeling better than when they walked in so that they keep coming back.

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