Feeding Our Youtube Addiction.. What We Are Watching

YouTube is our new go-to for what to watch late night, weekends or in our cab stuck in traffic. There has lately been an influx of beauty gurus and fashion lookbooks to lose ourselves in. It is like a deep dark hole that sucks you in, 20 videos later, and 3 hours have passed and we wonder where the time has gone. It just all too good and slightly addictive.

We did some of the weeding through work for you and found some of our current youtube favs. From DIY girls and funny ladies we love to just watch, we have compiled our list. Our addiction to “who to watch” on YouTube changes practically every week, but here it is for now.

Katy and Desi got us on the snap. It started there and quickly moved to their youtube channels. They are hardly just beauty gurus, although their skills are on point. Their BFF relationship and husbands are total squad goals.

We get a dose of healthy goodness from Kristina of Fully Raw Kristina. Although she is a completely raw vegan, her recipes are a great alternative for days we feel like eating clean and green.

How can we resist a ‘Drink with James” from Fohr Card.  He gives us the insight we need to working in this ever changing fashion industry and gets the scoop from top influencers.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars has us wanting to see more of her life “behind the scenes.”

Laura in the Kitchen seriously will have you craving a delicious home cooked meal. Here recipes are relatively easy and might even get you in the kitchen to try and whip one up.

From perfectly styled Instagram photos and travel with me videos, Marianna Hewitt gives us major wanderlust.

Amber Scholl’s has officially got us wanting to do more DIYs. She even shows how to create a faux marble floor in minutes, which equals pure genius.

Finally, sometimes you just need a good laugh and Liza Koshy knows how to do just that, and besides she is super pretty.

We would love to know what are some of your favorite YouTube channels so we can tune in too.

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