They are Hot As Hell, Get To Know Them

Finding new cool fashion brands is my thing. When I started my boutique in 2004 that was a major focus for me. They needed to be fresh and stylish. Over the years I have continued to discover designers to support. Three brands I recently came across are Dyspnea, Hot-as-Hell and Milin.

An Australian designer Dyspnea, is a collection made for the bold girls and the ones who don’t care what others think. Designers Rach and Jam created a line for women who aren’t afraid to stand out and be different. Before Dyspnea, designers Rach and Jam were designing looks for “one-off party pieces” for themselves and before they knew it, they completed three different shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. Throughout their collection, you will find an array of pink, fluff and a lot of silk, just about anything a girl dreams about.

A movement, a lifestyle, and a brand, Hot-As-Hell is pioneering the idea that real is the new sexy. With its sustainable collection of swimwear, lingerie and beach lifestyle apparel, HAH clothing is designed for the HAH women – with a purpose, with a conscience, with a soul. The result is wearable, attainable clothing made of eco-friendly machine washable fabrics by ethical manufacturers around the world. Because it’s Hot-As-Hell to care, and they had to #startsomewhere.

Thai designer, Milin Yuvacharuskul created Milin in 2009 to produce clothing for the modern women. Milin’s motto is “thinking forward”, which is a prominent theme seen throughout all of her collections. She is inspired by elements of lifestyle and living in the moment. Her collections range from basic to metallic colors waves and come in a multitude of different textures that make getting ready a fun experience! Milin’s girl is ready to try something new and feels fulfilled and completed every time she does.

Keep your eyes out – we are always looking for the newest brands to talk about here and you might as well end up being on our “new designers to know” list.

Photos {courtesy of brands}