Women empowerment Instagram profiles you NEED on your feed

Start the new year with a female friendly Instagram feed. Support your local girl gang, find a community and surround yourself with the girl bosses, feminist, creative and lady loving women who are breaking the status quo by making all of us feel beautiful, powerful, sexy and in control.  Update and curate that IG feed and add these. Here are a few of many women empowerment IG you may need in your life.


A mom and daughter on a mission to empower women to accept and express their true selves no matter the size. They are known for their radically honest video portraits that redefine beauty. You’ll find inspiration on the diverse stories of individuals who are comfortable in their own skin and you will discover that same sense of power and freedom that comes from self-acceptance.


Boss babe Amy Woodside, who conducts women mentoring circles and workshops, shows us how to find that strength and courage to apply to everyday situations. Keep an eye on those girl boss quotes from all the women we find badass and inspiring.


Curated by creative girls for creative girls. These ladies feature the amazing work of other female creatives of all mediums. From fashion to art, you’ll get a glimpse of amazing and inspiring projects created by fellow women.


Love all yourself, body and soul included! This all-inclusive women project will give you daily reminders on loving all your body parts, be happy, take care of yourself and even eat that cake if you want to.


A feminist brand founded by Candace Reels that gathers a community of women to celebrate, empower and uplift other women. Find some positivity on your feed and be constantly reminded that women can be anything and everything they want to be including their own boss.

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