My Throwback to DIY Uneven Hem Jeans

So I have been seeing these uneven hem jeans for months. It started heavy around fashion week in September. Even spotted a girl at Paris Fashion Week in a pair of bright yellow boots and the uneven hem denim. There has been a flood of these photos ever since. In my more youthful years, I was all about the DIY. I made so many of my own fashionable pieces. Totally worthy of a youtube DIY channel.  At the time youtube gurus and Pinterest basically didn’t exist (jeez I sound like an old person). Thinking back now if it did I would have killed it probs.

I loved making clothing into something else. I can’t tell you how many pairs of jeans I turned into tops, skirts and short shorts of course. If you have been seeing the fishnet stocking DIY’s lately, lets just say circa 2002 I turned a hot pink pair into a long sleeve crop top for a friend ( I’ll see if I can find that pic). Needless to say fashion has always been my thing.

After seeing so many of these distressed uneven hem jeans, I thought I would take it back to my roots and make a pair. This time however I have a youtube channel for the win. I picked up a pair of high waisted medium wash skinny jeans. I wanted skinny because I knew I would be cutting them and the leg would end up shorter and wider. I found a pair on Charlotte Russe for $10. If that’s not a score I don’t know what is. When they arrived I grabbed my scissors, a sharp pointy tweezer, my camera and hit record.

For your viewing pleasure and maybe some inspo – here’s a DIY video that shows you how to make your own pair of uneven hem jeans.