Traveling Light A Loophole To Life

As I pack for my upcoming birthday trip to London (and this trip is a bit of a sensitive subject, as my last few birthdays have been sent spectacularly sideways by the boyfriend of the particular moment) I am absentmindedly scrolling through my closet while re-living past birthdays.  Scrolling through my favorite pieces it occurs to me: Could emotional and literal baggage be slightly more linked than we might think? While I’ve no idea how to accomplish living a life without baggage in the emotional sense, I am remarkably good at traveling light.  Could I apply the selection process for what I physically put into a suitcase to what I choose to carry around with me mentally every day? In my closet (as well as in my mind) I have favorite items I hold on to simply because of the memories (which doesn’t necessarily render them useless,  but it does mean I don’t need to carry them along with me).

As I bring myself back to the task at hand (packing for my birthday trip) I decide to take with me items that fall into the following two categories:

Such a simple concept. Couldn’t this also apply to day-to-day life? Focus on what you want; don’t get distracted by the noise. Believing that both items are of equal importance and knowing yourself well enough to know what makes you happy and what you need, and the most important realization of all –  they are often the same thing.

A little too deep? Maybe.  Quite possibly a bit of a stretch and even drawing parallels that aren’t there- but I’m not so sure. Focus on what makes you happy, what feels good, what you need… and simply put down the rest when you can.

So off I go on this birthday trip with a lighter suitcase, a lighter attitude…and hopefully enough outfit choices. Flying on the day of my birthday with no expectations for when I land other than being able to breeze through customs with only a small carry-on, knowing I have all I need right with me. Maybe letting go of some emotional baggage is as easy as what you decide to take along with you on a trip, a simple choice to just leave what is no longer needed.

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