Celebrity Inspired Strong Bodies on the Red Carpet

The Golden Globes are not only a time to root for your favorite actor or actress but let’s face it it’s a great opportunity to check out some of the red carpet style and bodies too!  So many talented and fit female actors embrace their bodies by flaunting what they have no matter what their size may be. The stars at the Golden Globes were bringing bold fashion, glam, and strong bodies! Maybe you are wondering how Sienna Miller has such a sleek physique or you are dying to have arms like Viola Davis? Continue reading for a few celebrity inspired workouts.   

Viola Davis is an extraordinary actress that embodies self-confidence, maybe that is why she has such a strong presence on the red carpet? Well, that and her amazing arms! For arms like Viola try lower trap dips. All you will need are two chairs, make sure they are sturdy and can support your weight.


Sienna Miller rocked a simple white cut out dress that tastefully showed off her toned core. Try a few plank variations that are excellent for strengthening the entire core.  These moves can be done a few times a week to increase the definition and strength in your abs.

Gina Rodriguez graced the red carpet in a shimmery white evening gown that showcased her recent weight loss. It’s clear the actress has been putting some time in the gym with her new toned physique.  For a full-body workout take a look at some of the moves below.


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